This project is one of the many projects that Synergy has built for Topco Oilsite. Our team was hired as construction manager to build a 20,000 sq.ft shop addition to their existing warehouse in Clairmont, AB.

Throughout the project Synergy’s team focused on communicating effectively with TOPCO’s team to avoid disturbing their activity. The facility was 100% operational during the project, requiring extensive communication and coordination between Synergy’s team and TOPCO.

Our site superintendant and the TOPCO’S management team worked closely to not disturb the delivery and shipment of products, allowing uninterrupted business operations. Our well designed health and safety program allowed us to manage this project without any incidents.


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Project Information

  • Building Snapshot
  • Clairmont, Alberta
  • Light Industrial,
    Tenant Improvement
  • 20,000 sq/ft
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