Build better with the Synergy System.

Utilize the five pillars of building excellence on your next construction project.


Accurate Cost Estimates

Working with Synergy means you’ll get access to open, transparent cost estimates with true and accurate pricing models. We present you with realistic costs and schedules based on actual scope and expected timelines, so you won’t have to worry about massive overruns down the road. Your build advisors are always available for project discussions and to give you advice to ensure the project is a success. We also touch base with our clients monthly for independent and informal performance reviews, which give us valuable feedback that we incorporate into the project.


Focused Project Management

Our project management system is the engine that runs the machine. For nearly 20 years, we’ve fine-tuned a series of checks and balances that make up our company’s famous project synergy. Key components of our focused project management include: project planning, phase transitioning, risk management, key performance indicators, integrated project management principle and relationship management.


Thorough Warranty Service

We created Synero, our service division to ensure the finishing touches on your new-build project and any subsequent work are carried out in an efficient and professional manner. The Synero team, led by master carpenters with a mobile workshop, has experience working on a variety of different projects. As your organization grows, you can contract Synero to renovate and reconfigure offices and meeting areas, repair millwork, and install or move doors and cabinets.


Proven Quality Assurance

To build a high-quality product in the construction business, you need more than good materials. You must rely on an effective system. At Synergy Projects, we maintain this high level of quality for you by meeting project schedules, preventing deficiencies and delivering consistent results. Our Quality Management System is based on international standards and best practices.


Experienced Build Team

Your project team of dedicated construction professionals will guide the design and build process every step of the way. We work with developers, non-profit organizations, private businesses and public institutions. The Synergy Projects team has decades of experience with commercial, institutional, light industrial, recreational and residential construction. Synergy builds excellence on every jobsite.